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What is XomicX?

XomicX is a service company providing efficient, cost effective outsourcing solutions in all disciplines of bioinformatics, biostatistics, computational biology and medical informatics.

XomicX offers a flexible online workspace where experts and seekers of service can come together and collaborate. In this virtual space, diverse parties can specify the services they require, identify and contact each other regarding particular projects.

What services does XomicX offer?

Personal Assistance: XomicX will work with a seeker on identifying the deliverables, timelines and workflow processes for their project. We also assist the seeker in selecting and hiring the right experts. We can partially or completely take over the project management task.

Manage Financial issues: XomicX manages all financial aspects such as payroll, invoicing and accounting.

Protecting Intellectual Property (IP) right: Through XomicX, project owners can have full IP protection. The leading experts in the IP field will draw up a customised agreement, to be signed by both seeker and experts upon award of project, which assures IP rights of the former. This service is included in our base rate. Clients can also consult our legal experts for specific IP issues.

Building a virtual expert team: For large and complex projects, XomicX assists seekers to build a virtual team. We can form a team based on the requirements needed for a particular project, and include experts from different areas of expertise.

Professional project review service: A team of highly qualified principal scientists and key opinion leaders can review the results of projects and provide clients with valuable scientific and technical feedback.

What else?

Technical Information: Access to a comprehensive collection of free and open source software, tools, web services, databases and online resources.

E-mail alert: e-mail alerts for the latest articles from a pool of 92 journals in the field of bioinformatics, biostatistics, computational biology and medical informatics.

Information Intelligence: Monitoring websites, journals, breaking news and online sources handcrafted to client's exacting specifications. Delivering reports at the timing and frequency of a client's choosing, organized in clear and easy to read categories.

Who are seekers and experts? What are the benefits?

The Seekers are heads of departments, group or project leaders working in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and life science companies, as well as those in public and private life science institutes or academic hospitals.

A seeker who is looking for any kind of support in bioinformatics, computational biology, biostatistics or IT/ICT can tap into a pool of highly skilled experts and distribute their work to on-demand experts.

Clients who engage our qualified experts will benefit from reduced overhead and staffing costs, and free their workforce to innovate or to start new projects.

The network of our Experts consists of highly qualified specialists with proven track records in bioinformatics, biostatistics, computational biology, medical informatics etc.

Our experts benefit from receiving qualified assignment leads from clients whose projects have been professionally verified. These experts can substantially increase their potential income and extend their professional network.

What are the fields of XomicX activity?

  1. IT-infrastructure
  2. ICT for Health
  3. Content database
  4. Software development
  5. Data analysis
  6. Education (on site training and courses)

What are the target disciplines?

Our experts offer state-of-the-art solutions in:
  1. Comparative Genomics
  2. Pharmacogenomics
  3. Functional Genomics (Proteomics, Phosphoproteomics, Metablomics, SNP array, Expression microaray)
  4. Structural Genomics
  5. Image Informatics
  6. Clinical Trial Informatics
  7. Chemo-informatics
  8. System Biology
  9. Text mining
  10. Pathway and pattern analysis
  11. Biostatistics and Medical Informatics

XomicX - Tel: +31 (0)10 73 70 410 - Mobile: +31 (0)6 - 28 91 94 13
Address: Postbox 303, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
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