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How it works


The registration process consists of completing a profile form and agreeing to the term of use. Registered members can post, view, track and manage projects or proposals. Members' information is kept strictly confidential.

Posting a project or submitting a proposal:

Once a project is posted, together with the seeker we will analyse the project requirements, identify the deliverables, timelines and workflow processes. During this phase we will also work out the delivery model.

The registered expert may submit a detailed proposal, outlining their skills and qualifications that meet the project requirements.

Selecting and hiring qualified experts:

Once the project has been validated, XomicX will select at least three qualified experts whose profiles match the project's requirements, and who are willing to participate in the project. Upon completion of the selection procedure and signing of a non-disclosure agreement, both parties will review the project together, discuss the requirements, and negotiate the terms of a contract to complete that project.

Get the job done:

Upon awarding project, both parties will sign a contract, which will be provided by XomicX. The contract consists of details on deliverables, timelines, workflow processes and payment methods. The contract completely protects the IP right of the seeker.

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