XomicX - News items on Bioinformatics (list)

21 December 2015Network-Assisted Disease Classification and Biomarker Discovery
21 December 2015Taking Bioinformatics to Systems Medicine
21 December 2015Computational Modeling of Human Metabolism and Its Application to Systems Biomedicine
21 December 2015Systems Medicine: The Future of Medical Genomics, Healthcare, and Wellness
21 December 2015Systems Medicine for Lung Diseases: Phenotypes and Precision Medicine in Cancer, Infection, and Allergy
21 December 2015Next-Generation Pathology
21 December 2015RNA Systems Biology for Cancer: From Diagnosis to Therapy
21 December 2015Training in Systems Approaches for the Next Generation of Life Scientists and Medical Doctors
21 December 2015Mathematical and Statistical Techniques for Systems Medicine: The Wnt Signaling Pathway as a Case Study
21 December 2015Systems Medicine in Pharmaceutical Research and Development
21 December 2015Third-Kind Encounters in Biomedicine: Immunology Meets Mathematics and Informatics to Become Quantitative and Predictive
21 December 2015Systems Medicine in Oncology: Signaling Network Modeling and New-Generation Decision-Support Systems
21 December 2015From Systems Understanding to Personalized Medicine: Lessons and Recommendations Based on a Multidisciplinary and Translational Analysis of COPD
21 December 2015Neurological Diseases from a Systems Medicine Point of View
21 December 2015Mathematical Models of Pluripotent Stem Cells: At the Dawn of Predictive Regenerative Medicine
21 December 2015Systems Medicine and Infection
21 December 2015Anatomy and Physiology of Multiscale Modeling and Simulation in Systems Medicine
21 December 2015Modeling and Simulation Tools: From Systems Biology to Systems Medicine
21 December 2015Systems Medicine: Sketching the Landscape
1 January 2015Deciphering Metatranscriptomic Data
1 January 2015Prediction of miRNA Targets
1 January 2015ASPicDB: A Database Web Tool for Alternative Splicing Analysis
1 January 2015The ViennaRNA Web Services
1 January 2015Computational Design of Artificial RNA Molecules for Gene Regulation
1 January 2015NGS-Trex: An Automatic Analysis Workflow for RNA-Seq Data
1 January 2015De Novo Secondary Structure Motif Discovery Using RNAProfile
1 January 2015A Guideline for the Annotation of UTR Regulatory Elements in the UTRsite Collection
1 January 2015Drawing and Editing the Secondary Structure(s) of RNA
1 January 2015Detection of Post-Transcriptional RNA Editing Events
1 January 2015Modeling and Predicting RNA Three-Dimensional Structures
1 January 2015Using Deep Sequencing Data for Identification of Editing Sites in Mature miRNAs
1 January 2015Fast Prediction of RNA–RNA Interaction Using Heuristic Algorithm
1 January 2015e-DNA Meta-Barcoding: From NGS Raw Data to Taxonomic Profiling
1 January 2015Quality Control of RNA-Seq Experiments
1 January 2015RIP-Seq Data Analysis to Determine RNA–Protein Associations
1 January 2015Transcriptome Assembly and Alternative Splicing Analysis
1 January 2015Accurate Mapping of RNA-Seq Data
1 January 2015Free Energy Minimization to Predict RNA Secondary Structures and Computational RNA Design
1 January 2015Exploring the RNA Editing Potential of RNA-Seq Data by ExpEdit
1 January 2015RNA Secondary Structure Prediction from Multi-Aligned Sequences
1 January 2015Rfam: Annotating Families of Non-Coding RNA Sequences
1 January 2015A Simple Protocol for the Inference of RNA Global Pairwise Alignments
1 January 2015Analysis of Alternative Splicing Events in Custom Gene Datasets by AStalavista
1 January 2015Quantifying Entire Transcriptomes by Aligned RNA-Seq Data
2 May 2014Mining the Electronic Health Record for Disease Knowledge
2 May 2014Systematic Drug Repurposing Through Text Mining
2 May 2014Integrative Literature and Data Mining to Rank Disease Candidate Genes
2 May 2014Role of Text Mining in Early Identification of Potential Drug Safety Issues
2 May 2014Mining Emerging Biomedical Literature for Understanding Disease Associations in Drug Discovery
2 May 2014Mining Biological Networks from Full-Text Articles
2 May 2014Scientific Collaboration Networks Using Biomedical Text
2 May 2014Functional Molecular Units for Guiding Biomarker Panel Design
2 May 2014Roles for Text Mining in Protein Function Prediction
2 May 2014Predicting Future Discoveries from Current Scientific Literature
2 May 2014Biological Information Extraction and Co-occurrence Analysis
2 May 2014Text Mining for Drug–Drug Interaction
2 May 2014Mapping of Biomedical Text to Concepts of Lexicons, Terminologies, and Ontologies
2 May 2014Accessing Biomedical Literature in the Current Information Landscape
2 May 2014Introduction to Biomedical Literature Text Mining: Context and Objectives
4 December 2013Bioinformatics of siRNA Design
4 December 2013Computational Prediction of RNA–RNA Interactions
4 December 2013Energy-Directed RNA Structure Prediction
4 December 2013Computational Prediction of MicroRNA Genes
4 December 2013The Principles of RNA Structure Architecture
4 December 2013Class-Specific Prediction of ncRNAs
4 December 2013An Introduction to RNA Databases
4 December 2013Abstract Shape Analysis of RNA
4 December 2013Annotating Functional RNAs in Genomes Using Infernal
4 December 2013Introduction to RNA Secondary Structure Comparison
4 December 2013Concepts and Introduction to RNA Bioinformatics
4 December 2013RNA Structural Alignments, Part I: Sankoff-Based Approaches for Structural Alignments
4 December 2013MicroRNA Target Finding by Comparative Genomics
4 December 2013RNA Structural Alignments, Part II: Non-Sankoff Approaches for Structural Alignments
4 December 2013RNA–Protein Interactions: An Overview
4 December 2013De Novo Discovery of Structured ncRNA Motifs in Genomic Sequences
4 December 2013The Determination of RNA Folding Nearest Neighbor Parameters
4 December 2013Phylogeny and Evolution of RNA Structure
4 December 2013Introduction to Stochastic Context Free Grammars
4 December 2013The Art of Editing RNA Structural Alignments
4 December 2013Energy-Based RNA Consensus Secondary Structure Prediction in Multiple Sequence Alignments
4 December 2013Automated Modeling of RNA 3D Structure
4 December 2013SCFGs in RNA Secondary Structure Prediction RNA secondary structure prediction : A Hands-on Approach
1 January 2013Higher Order Interactions: Detection of Epistasis Using Machine Learning and Evolutionary Computation
1 January 2013Implementing a QTL Detection Study (GWAS) Using Genomic Prediction Methodology
1 January 2013Statistical Analysis of Genomic Data
1 January 2013Genome-Enabled Prediction Using the BLR (Bayesian Linear Regression) R-Package
1 January 2013Designing a GWAS: Power, Sample Size, and Data Structure
1 January 2013Genomic Best Linear Unbiased Prediction (gBLUP) for the Estimation of Genomic Breeding Values
1 January 2013Epistasis, Complexity, and Multifactor Dimensionality Reduction
1 January 2013Detecting Regions of Homozygosity to Map the Cause of Recessively Inherited Disease
1 January 2013Genomic Selection in Animal Breeding Programs
1 January 2013Use of Ancestral Haplotypes in Genome-Wide Association Studies
1 January 2013Quality Control for Genome-Wide Association Studies
1 January 2013Genotype Phasing in Populations of Closely Related Individuals
1 January 2013Bayesian Methods Applied to GWAS
1 January 2013Genotype Imputation to Increase Sample Size in Pedigreed Populations
1 January 2013Applications of Multifactor Dimensionality Reduction to Genome-Wide Data Using the R Package ‘MDR’
1 January 2013Validation of Genome-Wide Association Studies (GWAS) Results
1 January 2013Incorporating Prior Knowledge to Increase the Power of Genome-Wide Association Studies
1 January 2013Detection of Signatures of Selection Using F ST
1 January 2013Descriptive Statistics of Data: Understanding the Data Set and Phenotypes of Interest
1 January 2013R for Genome-Wide Association Studies
1 January 2013Managing Large SNP Datasets with SNPpy
1 January 2013Association Weight Matrix: A Network-Based Approach Towards Functional Genome-Wide Association Studies
1 January 2013Overview of Statistical Methods for Genome-Wide Association Studies (GWAS)
1 January 2013Mixed Effects Structural Equation Models and Phenotypic Causal Networks
1 January 2013Using PLINK for Genome-Wide Association Studies (GWAS) and Data Analysis