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Jean-Baptiste Poullet

Jean-Baptiste Poullet

Description:Biostatistician + Bioinformatician
Experience with DNA, RNA data (human, plant, bacteria): alignment, assembly, annotation, genome comparison, philogenetic classification,

Large experience with statistical analysis

Have written many scripts in R, (Bio)Python, (Bio)Perl , C++, matlab, bash
Very good knowledge of Linux
Work daily with very large data (sun grid + backuping + use of efficient scripts)
Keywords:Biostatistician, next gen, Metagenomics
Work experience:February 2009 - Present : Biboinformatics and IT manager at DNAVision Agrifood, Belgium

October 2004 - Decemer 2008: Research assistant, Biomed group, Department of Electrical Engineering (ESAT-SISTA), Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium
Years of experience:6
Next-gen sequencing data (Illumina, Roche 454): assembly, functional annotation, metabolic pathway analysis
Comparative and functional genomics
GWAS studies with microarray data

Multivariate data analysis, Repeated measurements, Feature reduction, Classification of a small amount of high dimensional data (machine learning)

Programming: R, (Bio)Python, (Bio)Perl , C++, matlab, bash
OS: Linux (Debian-Ubuntu), Unix
Work terms:Biostatistician, PhD

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