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Description:BitWorX is a dutch provider of custom webbased information and communication services. We offer a broad range of solutions to the IT related aspects of your business or particular project:

BitWorX has an extensive experience and knowledge in developing a wide range of IT solutions in line with your wishes and budget. We can explain in a clear and transparent way why certain choices have to be made and what our opinion is herein. No magic spells or unnecessarily complex solutions, things simply, clearly and without fuss.

During the development process we keep close contact with you and explain step by step what, how and why we do things. We deliver a solid product, not only to have "a solution" but also with in mind how our product can support you. Many IT companies keep you away from the development process. We like to involve you as a costumer and think that this is the right way to get the optimal result.

The operation of a product or solution hinges on the correct implementation. We like to do this ourselves, so you and us know this is properly done. Obviously we can provide explanation during the pimplementation process and if necessary apply some adjustments or changes. This ensures that the solution is tailored to your needs and that you therefore can make the best use of it.

Maintenance & Support
In this world changes a lot. You do not just have to deal with IT, but also with many other things in your company. So it may just happen that you are in need of specific functionality, or want to see more developed. Also, there can always be questions or unforeseen problems could emerge. For this reason we offer our solutions often with a maintenance contract. So you can be sure that you get the best and proper support.
Keywords:Web design, Web development, Hosting, Domains, Custom Services, Databases, ICT, IT, Consultancy
Work experience:BitWorX has a wide range of experience with clients in different sectors and sizes. From small businesses to large academic partners.
Years of experience:2009
Highlights:The XomicX web portal is one of our many successful products.
Work terms:Our terms and conditions can be aquired via XomicX.

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