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Eyal Privman

Eyal Privman

Description:Ph.D. in bioinformatics and molecular evolution from Tel Aviv University. 10 years experience in academy & industry in software development and computational analysis of biological sequences; supporting experimental molecular biology research with computational tools; and especially, the inference of biological function from comparative sequence analysis.

I worked on mammalian transcriptome analysis; algorithms for sequence alignment and phylogeny reconstruction; the evolution of homing endonucleases in nature and their potential as a gene therapy tool. I am currently using next generation sequencing to study evolutionary genomics of social insects.
Keywords:Bioinformatics, Comparative Sequence Analysis, Next Generation Sequencing, Genomics, Software Development For Sequence Analysis, Personalized Medical Genomics
Work experience:2011-current
Post doctoral research fellow
Prof. Laurent Keller’s group, Department of Ecology and Evolution, University of Lausanne.
Embedded bioinformatician in collaboration with Prof. Marc Robinson-Rechavi of the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics

Ph.D studies
Prof. Tal Pupko’s group, Life Science Faculty, Tel Aviv University, Israel
Thesis: “Hybrid methods inspired by the mutual dependency of sequence alignment and phylogeny reconstruction”

The Bioinformatics Unit, Tel Aviv University
Teaching the Perl programming course for M.Sc. students at the Life Sciences Faculty

Compugen Ltd.
Biological Data Assessment Team. Part of the group developing the LEADS platform for eukaryotic transcriptome modeling, based on alignments of ESTs to the genome.

B.Sc studies
Bioinformatics program, Tel Aviv University, Israel
Years of experience:10

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