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Driving relevant signatures from the small non-coding RNA transcriptome in cancer... more

NGS non-coding RNA

Network structure of gene interaction in GWAS

Pairwise gene interaction has been studied in GWAS, but not the network structure of interacting genes. The primarily results showed that the Disease related network shows distinctive structure compared with random network. This project attempts ... more

Network of interacting genes

gene mapping (linkage and association) and sequence analyses

performing computational biology and bioinformatic analyses and managing large datasets and carry out gene mapping (linkage and association) and sequence analyses.... more

gene mapping, sequence analysis

Microarray (awarded)

looking for a expert to analyse microarray data to infer regulatory networks and promoter analysis; ...... more


Analyzing large scale of biological data

Analyze clinical trial data and high-throughput “omics” data including genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics... more

transcriptomics, proteomics, clinical data

Microarray pathways

integration of molecular profiling and clinical data from a collection of large tumors samples to unravel deregulated pathways and define key targets for each pathways,... more


Oct 2011, Software Developer (Java)

The project involves development of Protein Identification core database applications as well as user interface and data quality management systems.... more

database curator

DNA methylation profiles

analyzing DNA methylation profiles and linking them to other omics data... more


modeling of promoters

Multiple interacting genetic factors have influence on Complex diseases. SNPs occur in the regulatory region of promoter of genes that are known to be implicated in the disease. This project aims to model the human promoter and their role in the f... more

SNP, Moddeling

Open Innovation Platform

Setting up an infrastructure for community of expert, central knowledge repository, web-based analytical software, development of analytical apps... more

software, open innovation platform

CE Marking

A successful Biotech company is looking for a regulatory consultant with previous experience with medical device regulatory affairs for In Vitro diagnostic medical devices (reagents and software). The company develops sequencing based (companion) dia... more

companion diagnostics, regulatory affaires, CE marking

Cytokine profiles in pre- and post β cells transplant patients.

Cytokine profiles in pre- and post β cells transplant patients. Developing a prognostic signature to predict the clinical outcome of beta cell transplantation in type I diabetes.... more

prognostic signature

Vitro Model

development and evaluation of computation models of the in vitro deferential pathways of stem cells... more

vitro model of differential pathways

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